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About Clemens Zangl


  • M. Sc. in Electrical Engineering
  • C/C++ SW engineering
  • Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Vision (OpenCV, PCL, ...)
  • 3D graphics / 3D reconstruction (OpenGL, Direct3D, Shader Programming)
  • Simulation tools, MATLAB/Simulink, ANSYS
  • 10 years+ of SW development experience
  • 2 years+ experience in automotive industry


  • Dancing Lindy Hop
  • Japanese Vintage Cars
  • Care about the Environment, Foodsharing & Volunteering
  • Deep interest in Chinese culture and language - after endless weekends filled with writing books of Chinese characters, I am almost fluent in Chinese speaking, reading & writing by now! :)


Clemens Pirmin Zangl
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